Restaurant Partnership

Mark, Che & Nigel’s restaurants are well known for their unique flavour, decor and atmosphere. Our task was to tangibly bring that to life through their social media content – marketing each restaurant differently and showcasing the essence of what makes each space special.

Over the last year, we’ve built their social using our propriety organic strategies & content – which has also seen great results through their digital, print & outdoor channels.

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Woodpecker Hill

The tone and vibe of ‘The Pecker’ is centred around three components – oriental flavours, whiskey, and Kentucky wood-smoked BBQ. It’s a high-end restaurant situated in the affluent suburb of Parnell – it’s clientele are much the same. Our content aims to bring out their unique colours of brass, brown and grey – with a heavy focus on food, drink and service.

The Blue Breeze Inn

Our objective with ‘Blue Breeze’ is to bring out the tropical island vibes with their Modern Chinese cuisine. Their colour tones run from orange floral notes to the browns of the dumpling steamers. In the heart of Ponsonby, they love their regulars and we want to showcase that, alongside their fantastic food and drinks.

Chop Chop Noodle House

‘Chop Chop’ is a classic Hong Kong style noodle house and whiskey bar. The tones and vibe we wanted to bring out were the intimate, colourful and quirky décor, the amazing ramen bowls and indulgent food, and the colourful, tasty drinks.

Go Go Daddy

Go Go Daddy is definitely the most quirky out of the four! It’s colourful Thai flavours enable us to use the pinks, yellows and greens to bring out the fun essence of the restaurant. It’s little kitchen dishes out some amazing food & drink that is a wonder to photograph, while the sun-kissed smiles of the staff sell a place you want to be!