Post Production Partnership

New Zealand Sotheby's International Realty

Sotheby’s Realty is renowned for its premium properties and their brand is no different. When they approached us with a proposition to bring their content production in-house, we flew down to train their team and ensure the production quality would be suitable for market using a “you shoot, we edit” model.

  • Camera Training

  • Post Production


Total Training Hours


Average Post Production Hours


Monthly Videos Output

Our Process

Working directly with the New Zealand Sotheby's marketing team in Queenstown, we're on standby to troubleshoot and advise remotely during each production.

After filming, the media is sent through for us to edit towards each brief. Our internal team creates a mini-storyboard, to then work on. Within 1-2 working days, the Sotheby's team have their finished product to distribute.